Permanent makeup is a treatment by which techniques similar to tattoos are used to give clients the look of wearing makeup.  Including the lips, eyebrows and eyeliner, giving people ways to enhance and define their natural features. Permanent makeup is becoming increasingly popular as people are looking for ways to reduce the signs of ageing and help them to lead a hassle free life permanent make up means shorter times to get ready in the morning without the hassle of applying eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and lipsticks.

So many celebrities are now turning to permanent makeup such as Angelina Jolie, Michelle Keegan, Sam Faiers, Madonna, Amy Child’s and many more.

The benefits of Permanent Makeup comes with a price tag, treatments starting from £300-£1300, depending on the experience and location of the technician.


There are many people that claim to be experienced in permanent makeup but be careful to who you go to! If permanent makeup is applied incorrectly by inexperienced technicians, this can cost a lot of money to fix! Don’t be blinded by the cheap price tags some people may be charging.

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We have seen many clients that have had permanent makeup elsewhere and asked for light brown eyebrows and been given thick black ones. To correct this clients have had to pay thousands to get laser removal and then correction. So although sometimes we see the deal and think great what a saving, sometimes you can end up paying lots more to fix this.


Here is what we recommend:

  • Always do your research
  • Permanent makeup is safe.
  • Permanent makeup can make your face look better if applied properly by experienced technicians.
  • Treatments carried out by qualified and experienced technicans are normally less painful and results normally much better.
  • Check out the persons before and after photos.


Charmaine is an experienced and well trained technician in Permanent makeup. She has a keen eye for detail, friendly and explains every stage of the treatment to you. Charmaine ensures discomfort is kept to a minimum. She always has a very strong understanding of how important the clients face is and ensures her clients results are natural and enhance their natural beauty.

If you have any questions please contact Charmaine