Hairstoke Eyebrow Tattoo in Kent by Charmaine HardingThis year has been super busy and its only February!

Have met so many lovely new clients for permanent makeup. The most popular treatment has to be semi permanent eyebrows.

Permanent makeup is getting increasingly popular as lots of celebrities are having their eyebrows tattooed making the demand for it huge!

The Hairstroke Eyebrow seems to be the look I do on most clients. With this look the hair-strokes mimic the look of natural eyebrow hair.

On this years Celebrity Big Brother most of the female clients had semi permanent eyebrows and a couple even had the Lip Blush too. Its a great way to wake up looking beautiful, especially as they were in-front of cameras 24/7.

Good Eyebrows can completely change someones face. Its the best feeling helping clients feel more confident again and making them look beautiful with lovely new eyebrows.

I have previously offered clients HD Brows but the demand for permanent makeup has been so great I have decided to no longer offer this treatment and concentrate on permanent makeup.

It is now the 27th of November 2016 and I wanted to update this blog post, a lot has happened over the last couple of years including the opening of my own salon Beau Boutique, and the recent decision to take on Sophie who is my apprentice permanent makeup technician.

The Semi Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo is still Kent’s most popular permanent makeup treatment and we are helping more ladies than ever before to improve their self confidence.

Over the last couple of years several clients have left me great testimonials and the amount of eyebrows I have tattooed has allowed me to build quite a gallery of examples.

Feel free to have a look through the gallery or read some testimonials from my clients, the salon has also received some great feedback, I have tried my best to create a luxurious and relaxing experience in the beautiful surroundings of Smeeth Near Ashford Kent.

Then there are the additional training courses I have attended which now mean I am qualified to semi permanent makeup elite level.

So if you live in Kent and are reading this page the chances are you are interested in having either your first or a top up of your semi permanent eyebrow tattoo if this is the case feel free to get in touch and book your consultation with either myself or Sophie.

You are assured of a warm welcome and your brows will be in safe hands.