Semi permanent lips kent and london

Beautiful lips without having to apply make up

This is great for people with thin or uneven lips, or lips that have lost shape with age, as it helps to create a perfect shape and add the look of volume.

Permanent Lips

Tired of applying lipstick or lipliner several times a day? Permanent lips are the answer to your prayers, with a huge range of colour pigments to choose from Charmaine can create your perfect lips.

Most of our clients now prefer the natural look of permanent lip blush over permanent lip liner; this is because many people feel permanent lip liner can look less natural.

During your 30’s your lips become paler, the contrast of your lips borders will begin to diminish, this causes your lips to lose much of their original definition.

In your 40’s the lips overall volume is reduced the cupids bow becomes less pronounced, finally, gravity takes it toll and the corners of your mouth begin to droop.

Perfecting your lip shape is a long and tedious task especially when you consider this process is often repeated numerous times throughout the day 365 days a year.

If you are ready to say goodbye to the hassle of constant application of lip blushes and liners, then, permanent lips are for you.

Permanent lips last for many years and look completely natural .


Those with thin lips, lips with little definition, or lips that have lost their shape with age benefit from this treatment permanent lip blush helps to create a defined shape to your lips and adds extra volume.

Permanent lip tint has well known anti ageing effects this is because it redefines the edges and contours of your lips and corrects imperfections your lips will be left looking perfectly natural.

Anaesthetic is applied to the area around your lips to make you as comfortable as possible during the process.

Everyone can benefit from the application of permanent lip blush, particularly those that are losing their lips natural definition due to the ageing process.

Permanent lips Kent