permanent eyebrows kent and London

Wake up with perfect eyebrows everyday

You can choose between hair stroke effect which mimics natural hairs, a powder of colour which gives you a look of naturally made up brows, or for the more striking and dramatic look block brows.

A member of the team will start with a thorough consultation where we will discuss your desired look and see whether your eyebrows need reshaping, filling in, lifting, thickening or defining.

It’s a good idea to bring any photos or magazine clippings of the look you would like to achieve.

The semi permanent makeup treatment will commence with the creation of a template drawn onto the skin with a cosmetic pencil. Once you are 100% happy with this model, the next step is to anaesthetise the skin.

We will then allow the anaesthetic to take full effect during this time we decide on the perfect colour pigment to use to compliment your natural colouring.

To help with pain control, we will regularly apply more anaesthetic throughout the treatment to allow you to feel as comfortable as possible.

After the semi-permanent eyebrow treatment, we will then give you full aftercare advice and arrange the date for you to come back for your top up 4-6 weeks later.

Permanent eyebrows in kent

Permanent eyebrows in Kent, who can benefit?

Drawing your eyebrows on each day?

Many of Charmaine’s clients have taken the decision to opt for permanent eyebrows because they can no longer face drawing on their eyebrows each day.  It is not uncommon for our clients to start their day a full two hours before they need to.

When enough is enough permanent eyebrows are the answer, no more early rising just to apply makeup imagine that?

Do your eyebrows make you feel self-aware?

Can’t stand the thought of your eyebrows disappearing throughout the day, taking part in physical activity and smearing them, or dread the idea of swimming. Post application of permanent eyebrows these terrors become little more than a bad memory.

Worried that your new permanent eyebrows will be too bold or dark, your chosen brow will become unfashionable or that the shape will be wrong for you?

Charmaine will not tattoo eyebrows that will become unpopular; her aim is to give you natural beautiful looking permanent eyebrows that suit you.

If you suffer from sparse or thin eyebrows due to excessive plucking or have fair hair, semi permanent eyebrows can help you to achieve natural and realistic brows which last for many years. Charmaine Harding Permanent Cosmetics, for perfect permanent eyebrows in Kent.

  • People that simply want to look their best at all times.

  • People who workout or swim.

  • People with uneven shaped eyebrows, or sparse hair.

  • People who have lost their brows.

  • People who are fed up of pencilling in their eyebrows every day

  • People with oily skin, whose makeup sheds quickly.

Natural look Semi permanent eyebrows

Before and after shot of semi permanent eyebrows