Areola Reconstruction

Charmaine is now proud to provide Areola Reconstruction. Charmaine is keen to help survivors of major surgery regain their confidence. Medical Tattooing is an advanced permanent makeup technique.

Before your treatment

Charmaine will take the time to look at the tone, pigment, and hues of your skin tone along with the size and shape of your breast. A thorough consultation will enable Charmaine to achieve the best possible results and make sure that your areola reconstruction is as authentic as possible.

The Process

Medical Permanent Makeup follows the same principles as eyebrow tattoo’s in that the process itself is relatively pain-free you may feel a slight discomfort; however, Charmaine will apply a localised anaesthetic cream to the area which will help to alleviate any pain.


Post-treatment the colouring of your reconstructed areola will typically appear darker than normal, this will fade over the coming days and weeks, and the colouring will become more natural if you have a high level of scarring.

It may be the case you will need a top up treatment to perfect the area.

Post-treatment Charmaine will apply a dressing and provide you with some defined aftercare steps.

Charmaine offers this treatment free of charge to survivors of major surgery.

areola reconstruction